Gift Wrapping a Box


It’s that time of year again!  Here are some instructions on how to wrap a parcel.

Ensure the box contents are secure before wrapping.

Make sure you have sufficient wrapping material to cover article.  It doesn’t always have to be paper; try fabric for example.

Wrap a measuring tape / piece of string / ribbon around the box and measure the length to gauge how much paper you need to cover it.


Add a further inch / 2.5 cnm to both long edges.

Also measure the length of the box plus the depth of the two ends then cut the paper slightly less e.g. an inch / 2.5 cm per end – this really depends on the size of the box.

Cut the paper to the appropriate size.

Centre the box on the paper.  Wrap the two long edges of paper around the box; secure one edge to the underside of the box with a small strip of tape.  Draw the free edge over the secured edge; slightly fold under its raw edge and secure with tape.

Rest the palm of your hand on the box and curl your fingers over the short edge, pushing down one end of the paper against the box.  This will form two sloping sides. With your other hand, pinch a crease on both sides and then fold them towards the centre of the box, at the same time creasing the folded paper.  Remember to keep the paper taut over the box, perhaps run your fingers along the edges of the box to reinforce the shape.

Apply a small strip of tape on both of the folded sides.  Form another crease along the box edges.

At this point you should have a triangular shape tab.  Pinch the folded edges to form a crease.  Then fold over the rough edge of the final tab and fold the tab up to the box end and secure with tape.  Repeat at other end.

Apply more adhesive tape wherever needed.  Double-sided adhesive tape gives a cleaner finish.  Sharpen edges and folds wherever possible.

Turn the box right-side up and decorate with bows / tags / embellishments etc

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