Taking time out for yourself



We are fast approaching the busiest time of the year, for my business…..Christmas! As a designer-maker, it not only involves the designing but also the sourcing of products, the final creation and then promoting and selling through social media, outlets and craft fairs.

Take time out for yourself

For this reason, taking time out for yourself is important; allowing you to slow down, reflect and in my case, this time, actually play with new products under no pressure. I already make cards, predominantly for personal use, so on Sunday I tried out painting cards using a craft airbrush and alcohol pens.

Working outside

It was a pleasant morning, so rather than being stuck in the house, I worked outside (just had to contend with a strong breeze which was a little tricky).

Taking time out for myself, enjoying the sunshine, concentrating on the flow of the ink onto the page (and not me!!!) and creating something new was great fun. The fresh air and project took my mind off all the other daily concerns and I felt refreshed as a result.


You can’t beat the feeling of satisfaction when you complete a task, whether it be cleaning the car, gardening or doing your accounts. Not every project or task needs to be creative but taking time out for yourself and doing something you enjoy is beneficial for both body and mind.

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October Birthstones are Opal and Tourmaline


If you are born in October you are fortunate to have both opal and tourmaline as your birthstone. Each gem comes in a rainbow of shades and colour.

Myth and Legend

Opal encourages positive emotion, improves memory, instills loyalty and faithfulness with respect to love, personal and business relationships and brings spontaneity to the wearer.

Tourmaline helps balance the energies in the body; attract inspiration; promote understanding and encourage self-confidence.

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