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Fanklemade Introduction

I am Sheree, the designer and creator behind Fanklemade products. I started my business in 2017 making handmade gemstone jewellery at directly to customers and via craft fairs.


Gradually, I expanded my Fanklemade portfolio to provide handmade bags, leather products, textile, vinyl and metal home décor items. I also opened my Etsy shop.

Everyday is school day for me, learning new techniques and processes as I hone my skills, not only as a maker but also as a business owner.

Why did I start making?

Partly through necessity as I could never find the right colour or style of clothing to suit me. Partly because I wanted to wear something different or wanted to decorate my home with one-off items.

Every Fanklemade piece is lovingly made with a desire to create unique, affordable items to be enjoyed by you.

Social media

During the month of March this year, I took up the challenge to improve my presence on social media. So, I created daily posts for my Fanklemade Facebook and Instagram pages.

Why don’t you check the posts out on my Fanklemade pages, there are 31 posts with #Marchmeetthemaker in the title. It was an opportunity to introduce me and my business to current and future customers and give an insight into my creative world.

For me, this was no mean feat! I am very much a novice in the world of social media and up until now, have been rather reluctant to show my face, as it were; preferring viewers to concentrate on my handmade products.

It is obvious that for those of you who are unable to see me at crafting events, blogs and other online communications like this are a way for you to begin to know me, follow my progress and hopefully enjoy my creations.

Sheree Wayman, owner and creator of Fanklemade products
Sheree Wayman, owner and creator of Fanklemade products
Fanklemade handmade gifts

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